XL (Super Sized) 10" Funko POP! Protectors


Product Description   

PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE FOR EXTRA LARGE (XL) 10" POP!'s.  EXTRA LARGE 10" POP!'s ARE LONGER THAN THE STANDARD 10".  Do not purchase this protector for a standard 10" POP!
Our largest protector yet!  Each MASSIVE XL 10" protector is made with nearly three quarters of a pound of DenseWALL(TM) PET plastic.  0.45mm THICK walls create a ultra strong barrier between your POP! and the exterior environment.  



  • Very easy to assemble. Featuring a locking insert on the top of the protector to ensure your POP! STAYS in its protector.

  • Engineered to perfection to fit your POP! securely 

  •  0.40mm Thick, using the Highest Quality PET Plastic. Making our protectors both Lighter & Stronger than any on the market.

  • Each Protector comes with an easy to Peel off Film to prevent scratching during shipment.

  • Fit EXTRA LARGE 10" POP!'s with the approximate dimensions of 12.25" x 8.2" x 13" (Exterior Protector Dimensions Your POP!'s box will be slightly smaller
Known Fits Include

  • Lilo & Stitch #1046
  • Kool Aid Man #83
  • Bulbasaur
  • Vulpix
  • Pusheen Cat/ Pizza #229
  • Many Star Wars XL 10" POP!'s(Check dimensions)
WILL NOT FIT: Life Sized Groot, Harry Potter Dobby


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
ryan gelobter (Dallas, Texas, United States)

XL (Super Sized) 10" Funko POP! Protectors

MM91 (Bakersfield, California, United States)
Love it!!!

Finally I found the protector I’ve been looking for, for my kool aid man. I’m so happy. I’ve spent a while trying to find one if I had known about this site earlier on, I would have gotten it sooner. The shipping is great, came on time. Highly recommend them to get your protectors. I will again

Daniel Happeny (Honolulu, Hawaii, United States)
Perfect fit!

Bought this to see if it would fit the Jumbo 10” Galactus Funko Pop! I had recently purchased and it fits perfect! It’s not as thick as I personally like but the protector definitely does the job and is great for the price.

Aaron V (Marietta, Georgia, United States)
A must have for any Funko collector!

I have ordered EcoTEK protectors in all sizes and all of them fit great. Made from high quality material and provides protection to all edges. Easy to fold and protective film is also easy to remove. I made the mistake of ordering another brand on Amazon before I tried these and I will never go back. Highly recommend.

Cengcheng Vang (Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States)
+1 Seller

EcoTek protector for funko pop will not disappoint you! Bought the 10in size super, regular 10in and 4in protector and they all fit and lock in really good. Protector came protected with a thin layer of film to the plastic finish. The plastic finish is crystal clear. Price is fair. They was shipped with care and I have not receive one that was damage yet. Will recommend. Thanks Ecotek.