EcoTEK Clean Ocean Initiative


EcoTEK Clean Ocean Initiative

Every year, approximately 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our ocean. This plastic releases some of the most toxic chemicals into our world’s oceans, putting the critical life it supports in danger.  Please join us in making sure our Collectible Protector Cases never end up contributing to this current crisis.

At EcoTEK Protectors we have decided to go a step above just recycling, we want to help reverse the damage already caused by plastic pollution. Each year, a portion of our profits are used to help fund The Ocean Cleanup. 

To read more about The Ocean Cleanup (Click Here

The material used in our Soft Protectors is 100% triple filtered, archive grade PET plastic.  If disposed of in the correct manner, this type of PET Plastic is Fully recyclable.

The material used in Our Hard Stack Protectors is 100% triple filtered, Archive Grade Acrylic plastic. If disposed of in the correct manner, this type of Acrylic plastic is Fully Recyclable.

 Please join us in keeping our Oceans Clean. If you may have any questions about, how or where to recycle your Protectors. 

For questions reach out to us here: