Funko POP! Protector For Movies Jaws Shark #758


Introducing EcoTEK's New TruFit Funko POP! Protectors! These Protectors will enable you to proudly Stack, Store & Show off your precious POP Collection. Our signature DenseWALL Construction uses the Highest Quality of PET Plastic to create the perfect POP Protector, that is both Light & Rigid. Protect your Collection with the best, Protect With EcoTEK!


    • Very easy to assemble. Featuring a locking insert on the top of the protector to ensure your POP! STAYS in its protector.

    • Engineered to perfection to fit your POP! securely 

    •  0.40mm Thick, using the Highest Quality PET Plastic. Making our protectors both Lighter & Stronger than any on the market.

    • Each Protector comes with an easy to Peel off Film to prevent scratching during shipment. 

    • Fit Pop! JAWS Shark #758


    Customer Reviews

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    Exactly What I Needed!

    I have two large, odd sized Pop figures that I was tired of dusting and worrying about damage. Knew that Pop protectors were a thing but didn’t realize they existed for the odd sizes. Ordered both and they arrived a few days later. The protectors themselves are great, sturdy, clear, no complaints at all.


    Funko POP! Protector For Movies JAWS Shark #758

    It’s a nice protector, just wrong size

    Its a quality protector, just like your other protectors that I’ve gotten before. It’s just the wrong size. I ordered this set off of your website and couldn’t find any details on dimensions measurements H”xW”xL”. Also cross referenced from eBay. (That’s where I found you guys, with my very first order) but no listing had any dimensions details either. So I plan on ordering the right one this week. Thanks for making these awesome protectors btw!
    Dustin CO, USA